Another excellent Tarot Mystery

“I read quite a few mystery books, and try very hard to figure out “whodunnit” before the end of the book. I loved this book, because every time I thought I had figured it out, something happened to steer me in another direction. One of the characters has a mannerism that I thought for sure was going to be the thing that got him caught as “the” killer. I won’t say if that was true or not.

I love the character of Xana Bard. Her sense of humor makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud when I’m reading. And I love learning something new about tarot in each of the books in the Tarot Book Series.

The only bad thing is that I’ve finished the book and now have to wait for the next book in the series. Bevan Atkinson brings a new approach and a unique voice to mystery writing, and I’m hooked. If you haven’t read any of them yet, dive into the pages of these fun books.”

—Betsy H.

The Tarot Mysteries series, written by Bevan Atkinson, is a fast-moving and fascinating reader journey into San Francisco, tarot card readings, and a tidge of mayhem. Sound like fun? That’s exactly what they are.