Xana Bard has settled into a comfortable and contented life with Thorne Ardall, her “thug swain,” only to have that life disrupted by the 24/7 bodyguard duties he undertakes in order to protect the notorious but faded former siren Mona Raglan. Mona, Xana learns, is now a kinky boots manufacturer and compulsively adoptive mother. It seems everyone who knows Mona was once captivated by her compelling sexual charisma, or was touched by her taking on a worldwide brood of orphans. Unfortunately, now that the charisma has faded so has Mona’s immunity from being hated by the throng of people she has offended by her predatory man-stealing and caustic tongue. In this fourth book in The Tarot Mysteries series, Xana and Thorne do their best to protect Mona from multiple attempts on her life―attempts that recur with persistence and increasing effectiveness.

★★★★★ I love these books

"I love these books. I think Bevan Atkinson knows how to hold your attention so you do not want to put the books down till you have finished."

-- Ann Wheat

★★★★★ Five Stars

"Another fun read from Ms. Atkinson. I've read them all. Hope there are more to come."

-- Joe Fior

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