Xana Bard is approached at Enrico’s Cafe by a young man who asks her to read his tarot cards. When she does, the cards are terrifying. How is Xana going to avert the dreadful future she sees for Asa Ballantine and his sister Beth? Can her friend Thorne Ardall do the job? How does the work the twins are doing on nanotechnology and human organ reconstruction figure into the threat hanging over them? And what help can Xana possibly provide after she breaks her ankle? Meanwhile, why is Agatha Hein, Xana’s dowdy German neighbor, suddenly transformed into a glamorpuss? Why is she driving her husband’s Mercedes instead of walking to the bus at the corner? In this second fast-moving adventure in The Tarot Mysteries series, Xana and Thorne must find a way, in spite of the impediments presented by fractures and furious family members, to dodge the doom she has seen looming over Asa and Beth and solve the mystery of Mrs. Hein’s sudden makeover.

★★★★★ Quick and Enjoyable Read

"The author's style with superb description makes you feel like you are right there in the story. This is the second book in her trilogy, and I would recommend starting with the first to understand the main characters and their unusual relationship. It's a simple mystery and a quick read, but enjoyable, with the somewhat quirky characters you grow to love. I'm looking forward to the third installment."

-- Amazon Customer

★★★★★ The Magician Card (The Tarot Card Mysteries)

"This is a good, fast read, very smart and very funny in places. I recommend it for anyone whose into mysteries, snappy dialogue, and local color. Also, for anyone curious about what Tarot is. On top of which, it contains one of the most thoroughly satisfying murders I can remember. It went by so fast I would have liked another few hundred pages. But you can't have everything."

-- Joan Kraus

★★★★★ Five Stars

"Great fun to read this mystery. Cannot wait to read the rest of the series!"

-- Mel Lee

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