Xana Bard, the tarot-reading “accidental sleuth” of The Tarot Mysteries series, is faced with the challenging Thalia Thalassos, who doesn’t hold with all that tarot woo-woo nonsense, and whose husband has—maybe—been murdered. The problem for Thalia is that the police believe she did it. Why wouldn’t she want to kill him, since her husband is having a reckless love affair and is demanding a divorce that would leave Thalia abandoned and penniless?

Meanwhile, what was Bryce Gilbertson, RN, doing sneaking down the quiet night-time hospital hallway with an overdose of Fentanyl in a syringe? How will Mr. Thalassos’s endurance riding hobby and Mr. Gilbertson’s angel-of-death propensity make trouble for Xana and her friends?


“The Hierophant Card is arguably the best book in The Tarot Mysteries series so far—you know it’s great because all the others were so good! I have only one problem with this book—I have to wait until the next one in the series comes out!”

-- Ilene Tillman, Port Orange, Fl.

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