“Bevan is doing with the tarot what
Sue Grafton did with the alphabet.”

Inspiration strikes. Our mind focuses on how to accomplish this new and challenging goal that has besieged our consciousness and won’t let us ignore it.

We marshal our resources and put into practice those techniques that we have learned over time will assist us in achieving our new objective. We take the first few steps, adjust our approach based on what we see in our results so far, ask for expert help, learn and practice new things that we believe will work better for us, and put our lifetime of skills and abilities to the test. We bring our capabilities into a state of observable competency.

The Magician represents our incipient mastery of available tools of every type and in every sphere of our being. Physicality, intellect, emotion, and creativity are welded into Will Power that can attain our intent.

You are expressing the meaning of the Magician Card when you use all of yourself to convert your inspired idea into reality.

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